About Us

8We provide a full range of rehabilitation services and programs for patients experiencing disability due to a wide variety of physical conditions. Our centers are equipped to facilitate the highest level of reconditioning while shortening the recovery process.

We treat patients of all ages and backgrounds; from professional athletes with sports-related injuries to elders who’ve been injured in a fall. In all cases, our mission is to provide expert, cost effective care that will result in a full recovery and fulfillment of all treatment goals.

As a community-focused business, we forge personal relationships with each our patients, and at the same time we offer innovative, state-of-the-art rehabilitation services. Our superior customer satisfaction suggests that our collaborative patient care approach, attention to detail, and superior patient results make us an industry leader in Connecticut.

Our company is founded on four key principles:

1. Community Connections
2. Focus on Patient Care
3. An Educated Staff
4. Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

Our mission is to empower you to restore movement, regain function, and return to your previous level of activity. They offer the highest quality of care through one-on-one interactions between client and therapist. The therapists are patient listeners and strive to address your needs and goals throughout the rehabilitation process. They are dedicated to improving your level of function so your individual goals will be met.

Our specialized programs include hand therapy, sports enhancement/return to sport programs, return to work programs, pediatric care, balance and vestibule therapy, TMJ, and post-bariatric therapy. We are also committed to keeping our community healthy through our Gravity Group Training sessions and individualized personal training. Our practice is committed to bringing you cutting edge treatment based on the most recent research.

If you need any other information contact us at (480) 435-9731